BANANA FISH Noitamina Original Soundtrack CD

Noitamina will be coming out with the full BANANA FISH original soundtrack, which will come with two CDs featuring songs from the series.

Release Date

November 2018


BANANA FISH Noitamina Original Soundtrack CD

Track List:


  2. Dino
  3. Trigger
  4. New York
  5. Papa & Cat
  6. Eiji
  7. Oathkeeper
  8. Today’s Savages
  9. Leaper
  10. Skip
  11. Rebellion
  12. Obscure
  13. Aslan
  14. Blue Bird
  15. Choppin’
  16. Max Lobo
  17. Death Initation
  18. Chinatown
  19. Clue Collecting
  20. Hometown
  21. Tears of the Lynx



  1. Bemused
  2. Cat and Mouse Race
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Tea Break
  5. Yut Lung
  6. Cops
  7. The Return of the ZEN
  8. Lunar Shackles
  9. Him and Hym
  10. Prisoner
  11. YASHA
  12. Dragon Blood
  13. Territory
  14. The Last Waltz
  15. Buddy
  16. Sayonara
  17. Sins Fate
  18. Shorter to Sing
  19. Guardian
  20. Resistance
  21. Moment
  22. Final Battle
  23. Prayer
  24. Trailer typeA
  25. Trailer typeB



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