is proud to be collaborating with the world-renowned cosplay legend, Yaya Han!

Yaya has handpicked her personal favorites from the vast amount of goods available for various series that she is interested in, and she hopes that her fans will be able to also find something that they like among the different variety of items!

While Yaya is known for her prolific cosplay creations over the past 18 years, she has been a life long anime fan and one of her favorite all-time animes was Yuri!!! On Ice. The anime blew her out of the water with its surprises and she, along with many other fans around the world, was instantly hooked by the way the show was able to create believable emotions along with beautiful intricate animation sequences along with a wonderful soundtrack.

Yaya truly loves Yuri!!! On Ice and said, “It’s been years since I watched a show that surprised me, and that’s exactly what Yuri!!! On Ice did!”

Yaya is also an avid collector of Yuri!!! On Ice merchandise and has been a frequent customer of We are excited to team up with her to bring more goods to everyone and let her show you just how easy it is to order from!

Our collaboration with Yaya is to celebrate anime and create a space where fans of the anime can come and enjoy the merchandise that ties the anime with all of us.

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