Fukubukuro Lucky Bag 2021 Boku No Hero Academia

¥3,000 (Approx. $28.66 USD)
Release Date: January 2021

During the New Years in Japan, it is tradition for many different stores across the country to sell "Fukubukuro 福袋," which are lucky bags (grab bags) filled with various goods! Aitai☆Kuji will be selling special "Fukubukuro" for various anime and video game series! Each fukubukuro bag will include a variety of items randomly chosen from whichever anime of your preference!

Shipping Policy

**PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the value of the items, this fukubukuro bag will contain between 3-7 items that will be randomly chosen out of ALL items we have in stock EXCLUDING pre-order items that have not been released yet. The value of the items within the fukubukuro is guaranteed to exceed the price of the fukubukuro itself.

**PLEASE NOTE 2: Due to COVID-19 and the lack of aircraft leaving Japan, there may be delays of up to 3-6 weeks for international shipping regardless of the order’s shipping method. This affects EMS, Registered Air Mail, and Standard Air Mail packages. We apologize for this inconvenience.