Cells At Work eChance Kuji Game

¥900 (Approx. $8.19 USD)
Release Date: UPDATE: Manufacturer Delay to End of March 2019
eChance, a kuji game website, will have a special Cells At Work (Hataraku Saibou) kuji game featuring an adorable Prize A plush featuring the Platelet as well as a variety of other awesome items including rubber charms, pens, face masks, and more!

Cells At Work eChance Kuji Game

Release Date: January 2019


Prize A Platelet Plush: 1
Prize B Pill Case: 1
Prize C Mask Case Red/White Blood Cell: 2
Prize C Mask Case Platelet: 1
Prize D Rubber Strap Red Blood Cell: 8
Prize D Rubber Strap White Blood Cell: 5
Prize D Rubber Strap Platelet: 5
Prize E Pen Red Blood Cell: 6
Prize E Pen White Blood Cell: 2
Prize E Pen Platelet: 6
Prize E Pen Sneezing Rocket: 4



What is “Kuji?”
“Kuji” is short for “takara kuji 宝くじ,” which means “lottery.” Many of the goods we offer are only available in Japan by means of a lottery draw, so you never know what kind of item or character you can get until you open your raffle ticket.

How do I play the “Kuji?”

The kuji process is as follows:
1) You buy a kuji ticket and decide how many times you would like to enter. Each entry is 1 ticket.
2) After paying for your tickets, you will then click Confirm, which will take you to a page that shows you exactly what items you have won by a random draw of prizes that are available in the kuji set.
3) After you see what you have won, we will ship you the items once they are released or if they are ready stock, within 3-5 business days!

“Kuji” Disclaimers
This kuji game is in no way meant to be played for money or any monetary value. Prizes are strictly for anime goods that are related to the kuji set that the customer plays. In some cases, customers might not be able to play if certain country regulations do not allow for raffle prize systems of winning. Aitai☆Kuji is not responsible or liable for any problems involving foul play and will disable the accounts of those who try to compromise the randomized drawing of prizes.