One Piece Jump Festa 2020 Acrylic Badge BLIND PACKS

¥1,000 (Approx. $9.55 USD)
Release Date: December 2019 or Spring 2020

Jump Festa has revealed their series line-up for this year's Jump Festa 2020 convention event, and the One Piece goods will include new clear files, stationary, plushies and more!

Shipping Policy

Dimensions: ~ 7.5cm

**PLEASE NOTE: These items will be available via BLIND PACKS only, meaning that you will not know which character or design you will get!

**IMPORTANT: All Jump Festa 2020 items will either be picked up at Jump Festa on site or purchased at a later date when Jump Festa 2020 opens up all item orders online in January 2020 to event attendees ONLY. In the event that an item sells out before we are able to acquire it, orders will be processed when the item is released again in Spring 2020. For questions or concerns, please contact us via our Contact Form.