Last Updated on July 29th, 2021 (Changes marked in red)

UPDATE July 30th, 2021: EMS and Registered Air Mail packages to the following countries will RESUME from July 30th, 2021.

  • Israel
  • United Arab Emirates

UPDATE July 13th, 2021: EMS and Standard/Registered Air Mail packages to the following countries will SUSPEND from July 14th, 2021. 

  • Chile

UPDATE June 1st, 2021: EMS packages to the following country will RESUME from June 1st, 2021.

  • United States

UPDATE February 18th, 2021: EMS and Standard/Registered Air Mail packages to the following countries will RESUME from February 26th, 2021. 

  • Ireland
  • Ukraine
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Chile

UPDATE November 26th, 2020: EMS and Registered Air Mail packages to Canada will suspend from November 27th. *Standard Air Mail and DHL/FedEx are still available.

UPDATE November 24th, 2020: All types of Air Mail packages to Malaysia resumed on November 24th.

UPDATE November 10th, 2020: Japan Post has announced that they will resume ONLY Standard Air Mail packages to Australia on November 11th. Registered Air/SAL Mail as well as EMS are still suspended.

UPDATE October 30th, 2020: Japan Post has announced  that they will suspend all types of Air Mail packages to Malaysia. If the shipping method you selected during the check-out process is Express Air Mail or EMS, we will ship by DHL/FedEx. If not, your item will be held in our warehouse safely until the resumption or you may contact our customer service team to request shipping method upgrade.

UPDATE October 8th, 2020: Japan Post has notified us that they will be resuming ONLY Standard Air Mail packages to the United States; however, packages may take up to 1-2 months to arrive due to lack of aircraft and the high volume of parcels leaving Japan. We are still using alternative shipping methods for packages within applicable size requirements for Registered Air Mail and Registered SAL as those methods have not resumed normal operations via Japan Post yet.

UPDATE September 10th, 2020: We are using alternative shipping methods for packages within applicable size requirements for Registered Air Mail, Registered SAL Mail, and Standard Air Mail, and shipping prices reflect the change for the United States only

UPDATE April 23rd, 2020: All EMS, Registered Air Mail, Registered SAL Mail, and Standard Air Mail to the United States will be temporarily suspended.

【Initial Post】

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world, there has been much less airplane carriers to ship mail around the globe. The Japan Post has released a list of countries where international mail is still being sent to, but there are some restrictions depending on the country and shipping method.

Registered SAL Mail has been suspended indefinitely that is applicable to all countries in the world. Japan Post has not issued a statement as to when SAL services will resume.

If you have placed an order with Registered SAL Mail as your shipping method, please submit contact form if you would like your shipping method to be changed to another one that Japan Post, DHL, or FedEx currently accepts.

DHL Express and FedEx International Priority are still available at this time. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your shipping method (applicable to Registered Air Mail, Registered SAL Mail, or Standard Air Mail) to DHL or FedEx to have it be shipped out on time.

Orders made with EMS will be switched to DHL or FedEx as long as these two conditions are met:

1) Japan Post has temporarily suspended services in the destination country (e.g. USA, Australia, etc.)

2) There is no large shipping price difference from EMS to DHL or FedEx

If you would like to upgrade your shipping method to DHL or FedEx (regardless if it was placed with EMS or another method), then please submit contact form so we can assist you in changing the shipping method.

We have compiled a list of countries that are or are not accepting EMS, Standard Air Mail, Registered Air Mail, or Registered SAL Mail. We have also added a column for DHL and FedEx, which is still being accepted in most countries around the world.

Please note that for countries that are still accepting EMS, Standard Air Mail, and Registered Air Mail, although packages will be shipped in a timely manner, delivery times in its destination country depends on air freight capacities and the local postal service operations there.

For details of shipping restrictions based on each country, please see this graph below.

◯ - Operating Slowly (Shipping speeds may be affected depending on air freight capacities as well as your local postal service)

△ - Temporarily Suspended only in some areas

X - Temporarily Suspended

N/A - Not Available on our website as a shipping option

Due to the lack of aircraft leaving Japan, there may be delays of up to potentially 1-2 months or longer for international shipping regardless of the order’s shipping method. This affects EMS, Registered Air Mail, and Standard Air Mail packages. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Shipping rates on our website reflect the current shipping rate plus handling given by Japan Post, Fedex, DHL, divided by country zones.

For orders that currently have a “Returned to Sender” status on the tracking history, your order is likely held either at the Japan Post logistics center or in our warehouse. If you would not like your package to be shipped out until restrictions are lifted, please submit contact form.

United States X X
Canada X X X
United Kingdom X
Germany X
France X
Netherlands X
Australia X X X
Mexico X N/A
Singapore X
Argentina N/A N/A
Austria X
Azerbaijan X X N/A N/A
Bahrain X X N/A N/A
Belarus X X N/A X
Belgium X
Bolivia, Plurinational State of X N/A X N/A N/A
Bosnia and Herzegovina X N/A X N/A N/A
Brazil X X X N/A
Brunei Darussalam N/A X N/A N/A
Bulgaria N/A
Chile X X X N/A N/A
China X N/A
Colombia N/A N/A
Costa Rica X X N/A N/A
Croatia N/A
Cyprus X X N/A N/A
Czech Republic N/A
Denmark X
Ecuador N/A N/A
El Salvador X X N/A N/A
Estonia N/A
Finland X
Georgia N/A X N/A N/A
Gibraltar N/A X N/A N/A
Greece X X X X
Guam X X X N/A
Haiti N/A X N/A N/A
Honduras X X N/A N/A
Hong Kong X
Hungary X
Iceland N/A
India X X X N/A
Indonesia X
Ireland X
Israel X N/A
Italy X N/A
Korea, Republic of X
Kuwait N/A N/A
Lao People's Democratic Republic X X N/A N/A
Latvia N/A
Lebanon N/A N/A
Lithuania N/A
Luxembourg N/A
Macao X N/A
Malaysia X
Maldives X X N/A N/A
Malta X N/A N/A
Mauritius X X N/A N/A
Moldova, Republic of N/A X N/A N/A
Morocco N/A N/A
New Caledonia X X N/A N/A
New Zealand X
Nicaragua N/A X N/A N/A
Northern Mariana Islands X X X N/A
Norway X
Panama N/A N/A
Paraguay X X N/A N/A
Peru X X N/A N/A
Philippines X N/A
Poland X
Portugal N/A
Puerto Rico X X X N/A
Qatar N/A N/A
Réunion X X N/A N/A
Romania X X N/A X
Russia N/A X X X N/A
Saudi Arabia X X N/A N/A
Serbia N/A N/A N/A
Slovakia X N/A
Slovenia N/A
South Africa N/A N/A
Spain X
Sweden X
Switzerland X
Taiwan, Province of China N/A
Thailand X
Trinidad and Tobago X X N/A N/A
Turkey X
Turkmenistan N/A X N/A N/A
Ukraine N/A
United Arab Emirates N/A N/A
Uruguay X X N/A N/A
Vanuatu N/A X N/A N/A
Viet Nam X